Mitsubishi DXTL800E 9 Channel Digital Video Recorder


Quick Overview

Built-in full duplex 9-channel multiplexer. Built-in Motion Detection. Recording interval setting for each camera. Easy data export.

Mitsubishi DXTL800E 9 Channel Digital Video Recorder

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9 Channel Digital Video Recorder


DX-TL800E Description


High picture quality of more than 450 lines of horizontal resolution and extended recording time are achieved by utilising the new WAVELET image compression/expansion method. The DX-TL800E has an internal disk capacity of 120GB and can record in 5 picture grades and 8 recording time modes and there is also a 9-camera multiplexer with motion detection per input. Individual field recording per input in both standard and alarm recording are supported. Normal VCR-like functions such as a JOG/SHUTTLE dial; Menu display; timer and rear terminals are featured.

Built-in 9-input multiplexer functions
Camera switching and split-screen display
Terminals are available for connection of up to 9 cameras. Split-screen modes allow Single screen, SPLIT 4 or SPLIT 9 screens for sequential display.

Motion detection
This function detects moving objects captured by any of the 9 cameras connected to the unit and initiates Alarm Recording. Each camera can be set up with a motion detection grid of up to 16 x 12 segments and alarm sensitivity can be controlled by setting the segment-count level that initiates alarm-recording.

Operation status display function
The operational status of this unit can be displayed on the top or bottom of the screen.

Various recording functions

By completely separating normal recording settings and alarm recording settings further detailed settings are possible. This means that the recording interval for the camera that triggers the alarm can be changed while the other cameras maintain their normal settings.

Emergency recording
When an emergency signal is received, motion-detection recording is overridden and priority is given to provide recordings at maximum intervals and maximum picture quality using the camera specified for alarm recording or normal recording.

Mirror recording function
A function to automatically copy the contents of the built-in hard disk to the other built-in hard disk in case of hard disk crash. This dramatically reduces the concern for data loss in the event that a sudden hard disk crash should ever occur.

Title/comment recording function
The DX-TL800E can record text from a PC with RS-232C connection along with the video and audio. When setting the display title, the title can also be recorded along with the video. Display is also possible using another unit.

Camera recording interval setting function
The recording intervals and recording picture quality can be set for each camera.

Timer recording operation

Timer recording program

4 types of camera patterns, recording intervals, recording picture quality for normal recording and alarm recording can be registered for each operation. Furthermore, individual settings can be made for pre-alarm recording and motion detection function as well.

Timer holiday specification
Special recording settings for holidays throughout the year can be set in advance.

Versatile functions to support surveillance-

Audio recording function

1-channel PCM audio recording mode included.

Image-alteration recognition function
Processing of each image recorded using a proprietary image-alteration recognition technology.

Versatile high-speed search operation
Easy search functions using a proprietary algorithm. Search options include Time Date, Skip, index and Alarm search. All search functions can specify a specific camera or ALL cameras to be used for the search.

Excellent expandability
Standard RS-232C interface for remote PC control and various control terminals.

Pre-alarm Recording function
Recording of images before the alarm sensor detects disturbances is also available.

Front output terminals
Monitor or VCR can be connected on the front of the unit.

Compact Flash slot
The unit is equipped with a compact flash slot on the front for recording to media and writing/reading menu contents. Compact Flash is a trademark of SanDisk Corporation.

Simultaneous recording/playback function
Recorded data on the hard disk can be played back while recording.

Variety of search functions
Pressing the SEARCH button on the front of the unit displays the SEARCH menu for immediate search operation. This function is convenient when repeatedly performing searches.