JVC TKWD310 1/3" Wide Dynamic Colour Camera 12/24V

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Quick Overview

High Resolution Camera with Wide Dynamic Range and 14-Bit Digital Processing. 1/3" WDR digital device. Built-in innovative 14-bit digital processing. Performs high-speed WdDr (Wide Dynamic Range) with automatic 5-level exposure control for each pixel. 480 TV lines horizontal resolution. Built-in programmable menu with joystick operation. White balance: Automatic/one push/ manual. Sync system: INT/LL switchable. AGC: ON/OFF. 12-character camera title. DC/Video iris. Ultra-compact camera body. 24V AC/12V DC power supply. Lens Optional.

JVC TKWD310 1/3" Wide Dynamic Colour Camera 12/24V

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JVC High Resolution Camera with Wide Dynamic Range and 14-Bit Digital Processing


TK-WD310E Features


  • 1/3" WDR digital device
  • Built-in innovative 14-bit digital processing
  • Performs high-speed WdDr (Wide Dynamic Range) with automatic 5-level exposure control for each pixel
  • 480 TV lines horizontal resolution
  • Built-in programmable menu with joystick operation
  • White balance: Automatic/one push/ manual
  • Sync system: INT/LL switchable
  • 12-character camera title
  • DC/Video iris
  • Ultra-compact camera body
  • 24V AC/12V DC power supply


TK-WD310E Description


Versatile, high-resolution camera with wide dynamic range performance and 14-bit digital processing delivers clear, natural pictures even against bright backlighting.

Especially designed to capture clear, easy-to-view images under poor or unpredictable lighting conditions such as in multi-storey car parks and at road junctions, this versatile high-resolution camera features a wide-dynamic-range digital image sensor that uses sophisticated multisampling and a 14-bit DSP which accurately reproduces natural colour tones without any halation (blooming) or smear. Even when the illumination suddenly changes — becoming suddenly brighter or darker, or if the scene includes both bright and dark areas, this camera still captures a clear image that closely resembles what you see with your own eyes.

1/3" WDR digital image device

Featuring a much wider dynamic range than conventional imaging devices, the 1/3” WDR digital image sensor is able to respond quickly and accurately to high contrast and sudden variations in lighting to deliver high-quality, well-exposed pictures with no smear or blooming. Equally effective in very bright or low-light conditions, this device is capable of shooting at 2.5 lx (at F1.2, 50%, AGC SUPER setting), to ensure quality imaging even of the most dimly lit subjects.

Innovative 14-bit DSP

To support the WDR image sensor, the TK-WD310E incorporates an innovative 14-bit digital signal processing chip that adjusts the brightness level of each individual pixel, so reproducing clear details of not only the foreground subjects but also of the brightly lit background, such as the situation with an entrance camera looking from a foyer into a sunny street. A normal CCD camera could only correctly expose either the background or the foreground, displaying the other as either dark silhouette or burnt-out white, respectively. This means that even when the camera is shooting in locations where there is a very high contrast between light and dark, the captured images will come out looking clear and natural. For example, car headlights can be captured without smear, assuring easy identification of the number plate and so enabling high-quality surveillance.

High-speed WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) with automatic 5-level exposure control for each pixel

For smooth, accurate imaging, the wide dynamic range function uses a high-precision multi-sampling system that controls exposure with 5-level sampling of each image pixel within a single frame.

480 TV lines of horizontal resolution

With horizontal resolution of 480 lines (typical) and vertical resolution of over 400 lines, this camera captures sharp, clear images that make it an ideal source for high-quality, finely detailed video recordings.

Programmable menu with joystick operation

A convenient on-screen menu with joystick operation is provided for easy adjustment of various system parameters including focus control and camera settings. The factory default settings can be restored easily, if so required.

White balance: Automatic (ATW)/one push (AWB)/manual (MANUAL)

ATW, AWB and MANUAL modes are available. The ATW mode automatically adjusts white balance according to changes in lighting conditions (2,500°K to 10,000°K). The AWB/MANUAL mode automatically or manually adjusts and locks the white balance for specific lighting conditions.