Panasonic BMET100 Iris Reader

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Biometric Data Security. Featuring SecureSuite Software for Local Logon, Password, Application, File and Folder Security

Panasonic BMET100 Iris Reader

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Panasonic Iris Recognition Camera for Desktop/Laptop Security

Biometric Data Security. Featuring SecureSuite Software for Local Logon, Password, Application, File and Folder Security

Panasonic?s Vision Systems? expertise, combined with Iridian Technologies? proven developments in Iris Recognition Technology, produce highly accurate, easy to use means of applying a wide range of current and future security requirements.

The Gold Standard for Biometrics Recognition

Iris recognition is the most accurate, stable, scalable and noninvasive human authentication technology in existence.

It offers significant advantages over other less accurate biometric identification methods, such as fingerprints, voice and facial recognition, hand geometry, and keystroke analysis. The process is scientifically proven, user safe and operationally reliable. It offers state-of-the-art authentication, destined to replace tokens, PINs, and passwords.

Do your requirements focus around network security or electronic commerce transactions, or financial or healthcare data access, or government, public safety or justice environments?

Panasonic?s Authenticam? with Iridian?s PrivateID? software provides the most cost effective way to ensure data access security and minimizes fraudulent activities in cyber communities.

Safe and Easy to Use

The recognition process begins with a video-based image of the iris of the eye. The Authenticam? camera is the same as the video camera used to videotape your family.

Simply glance at the camera lens from approx. 50cm away and in less than 2 seconds, the image is captured. There is no invasive procedure. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are accommodated easily.

PrivateID? software processes the iris pattern and encodes it into a 512 byte IrisCode? record. The records are stored and compared for other IrisCodes? for recognition in any transaction when a live iris is presented for comparison.

A key differentiator for iris recognition is its ability to perform identification using a one-to-many search of a database of an unlimited number of IrisCode? records.

Additional Functionality

Multi-Function Dual Channel Camera

In addition to its primarily use for Iris Recognition, Authenticam? can record video e-mail messages and be used to participate in LAN/WAN and Internet-based video conferences.

Authenticam? also can provide increased security measures with motion detection surveillance software.

Using the Authenticam? obviates the need for conventional passwords and will pay for itself by eliminating the need for password maintenance.