Panasonic WVCL830 1/2" Colour Camera 240VAC

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Panasonic WVCL830 1/2" Colour Camera 240VAC

Panasonic WVCL830 1/2" Colour Camera 240VAC

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Panasonic 1/2" FIT colour camera featuring high sensitivity with very low smear.

WV-CL830 Key Features

  • 1/2" Frame Interline Transfer CCD <771(H)x582(V)>
  • 480-line horizontal resolution
  • 50dB S/N ratio (AGC OFF, Weight ON)
  • Minimum illumination of 1.5lx (0.15fc) at F1.4, 0.5lx (0.05fc) at F0.75
  • 220-240V AC (WV-CL830/CLR830)
  • Camera Title (16 characters)
  • Built-in digital motion detector
  • Electronic sensitivity enhancer (AUTO/MANUAL/OFF)
  • ELC function enables the use of fixed iris lens for indoor application
  • 2H type vertical edge enhancer
  • Chroma averaging circuit
  • High light aperture correction
  • On screen setup menu
  • C/CS adjustable lens mount, DC/Video Servo Lens available

WV-CL830 Description

Most IT ( interline transfer) CCD type CCTV cameras experience problems of vertical smear caused by direct exposure to very bright spot light such as vehicle's headlights. Vertical smear is the undesirable effect which disturbs important image details. The Panasonic WV-CL830 1/2" FIT colour camera overcomes this problem with the inclusion of the FIT ( frame interline transfer) CCD. Its remarkably low smear feature ensures that vertical smear does not deteriorate required image details. This offers a great advantage for nighttime or vehicle monitoring with its electronic sensitivity enhancement. The WV-CL830 also employs the 3rd generation DSP which creates a superb chroma SN ratio and picture sharpness. The Panasonic WV-CL830 offers cutting edge technology and performance for the most advanced CCTV applications.

WV-CL830 Specification

Pick-up Device 771(H)X582(V)pixels, Frame Interline Transfer CCD
Scanning Area 6.4(H)X4.8(V)mm (Equivalent to scanning area of 1/2? pick-up tube)
Scanning System 2:1 Interlace
Scanning 625 line I 50 field / 25 frame
Horizontal 15.625kHz
Vertical 50Hz
Horizontal Resolution 480TV Line
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 50 dB (AGC OFF, weight ON)
Minimum illumination 0.5lx (005 footcandle) at F0.75 [Equivalent to 1.5 Ix (0.15 footcandle) at Fl 4]
Synchronization Internal Sync/Line Lock/VD2/VBS, VS Sync 360 V-Phase adjustment of Line Lock H-Phase Adjustment SC-Phase Adjustment 75 Termination for the G/L
Video Output 1.0 V [p-p] PAL Composite 75 0 BNC Connecter
Gain control SeIectable AGC ON (14 dB) or OFF
Automatic Light Compensation ALC: 1:52,000 / ELC, 1:10,000 Selectable ALC or ELC
Electric Light control Equivalent to continuous variable Shutter between 1/50 to 1/10,000
ALC Lens Drive Video Servo / DC servo Selectable
Lens Mount C/CS Mount
Communication Single Wire
Camera Title 16 Character Display (Alphabet, Numeric, Symbols)
Electric Shutter (second) 1/50 (OFF), 1/120,1/250,1/500, 1/1,000,1/2,000,1/4,000, 1/10,000
Electric Sensitivity Up Auto: X2, X4, X6, X10, X16, X32 Fix: X2, X, X6, X10, X16, X32
White Balance ATW (2,600?K - 6,000K) / AWC (2,300?K - 10,000K)
Motion Detector On/Off 6 X 8 Masking AREA AVAILABLE FOR Masking (Sensing Area is 12 X 16 Zone)
Back Light Compensation 6 X 8 Masking AREA AVAILABLE FOR BLC
Communication Distance 1.2 km by Belden 9259 or equivalent 1.2 km by Twisted pairs cable
Operating Temperature -10 degrees C - +50 degrees C
Operating Humidity Less than 90%
Power Source 220-24OV5OHz
Power Consumption 5.5 W
Dimensions 57(W)X65(H)Xl 23)D)mm
Weights (without lens) 0.41kg(withsul power cord)

Also Know As:

  • Panasonic WV-CL830E
  • Panasonic WVCL830E
  • Panasonic WV-CL830
  • Panasonic WVCL830
  • Panasonic CL830E
  • Panasonic CL830

Lens Optional