Sony SPTM124 1/3" Monochrome Camera 12V


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1/3 Med Res Monochrome Camera 380TVL 0.06Lux C/CS AI/DD/EI BLC Hyper HAD 24VAC. Lens Optional

Sony SPTM124 1/3" Monochrome Camera 12V

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Sony SPT-M124CE CCD Black & White Video Camera

Compact and reliable, Sony SPT-M124CE Video Cameras are the ideal choice for many of today's surveillance and monitoring applications. Sony Hyper HAD? (Hole Accumulated Diode) CCD technology provides the high sensitivity and resolution required to capture crisp, high quality images. These black and white cameras also support both DC and Video servo auto iris lenses. Manual iris lenses are also effective thanks to the combination of CCD IRIS? and BLC (Back Light Control) funtions which ensure high image quality even in adverse light conditions.

To accommodate varying user requirements, Sony provides a choice of three models that operate from different power sources: SPT-M124CE from 24 V AC these cameras deliver the clear images that are vital for effective security and surveillance.

Superior Picture Quality

All three of these cameras incorporate a 1/3-inch IT (Interline Transfer) Hyper HAD CCD with more than 290,000 effective picture elements and a horizontal resolution of 380 TV lines. Sony Hyper HAD technology allows very high sensitivity with a minimum illumination of 0.1 lx at F1.2 (50 IRE), producing clear, crisp images.

CCD IRIS Function

This function allows the use of a manual iris lens instead of a more costly automatic iris lens. As the illumination level of the scene changes, these cameras respond by automatically reducing or increasing the exposure time of the photo sensors. This is achieved by changing the electronic shutter speed of the CCD, in the range of 1/50 of a second to 1/100,000 of a second.

Flexible Choice of Auto Iris Lens

An auto iris lens is often ideal for shooting in environments where illumination levels vary greatly, such as outdoors. The SPT-M124CE cameras accept both DC servo and Video servo auto iris lenses. The auto iris lens 4-pin connector is conveniently located on the side of the camera.

Backlight Compensation Function

Strong backlighting can often cause the subject of the picture to be cast into shadow. The analogue Backlight Compensation (BLC) function helps to overcome this problem. In all three camera models, picture brightness can be adjusted automatically to allow for changes in lighting conditions. The rear panel LEVEL and BLC controls also make it possible to manually adjust the range of the backlight compensation function to optimize the image under very adverse lighting conditions.

AC Line Lock Capability (SPT-M124CE)

The SPT-M124CE feature external sync with an AC line lock. This makes camera installation and synchronization easy for both new and existing camera systems. The AC power frequency (50 Hz) is used as the vertical sync reference of the camera and there is an externally adjustable Vertical-Phase (+/?90?) control. This feature is used in multi camera installations where automatic switching is employed, and allows for easy roll-free switching from camera to camera.

Low Power Consumption

All three cameras have significantly lower power consumption than earlier models

C/CS-mount Lens Compatibility

All three cameras can be used with C-mount or CS-mount lenses, and precise back-focus adjustment can be easily accomplished. This broadens your choice of lenses.

Also Know As:

  • Sony SPT-M124CE
  • Sony SPTM124CE
  • Sony SPT-M124
  • Sony SPTM124
  • Sony M124CE
  • Sony M124

Lens Optional