Sony SSCDC334 1/3" Colour Camera 24V


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1/3 High Res Colour Camera 480TVL, 0.4Lux, C/CS ,AI/DD/EI, AGC, BLC, Exwave HAD, 24VAC. Lens Optional

Sony SSCDC334 1/3" Colour Camera 24V

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Sony Sony Colour ExWave Camera

Sony introduces the SSC-DC330P, SSC-DC334P, and SSC-DC338P 1/3-inch CCD colour cameras. This exciting range of cameras incorporates Exwave HAD technology a new technology developed by Sony that combines excellent sensitivity with a dramatic reduction in smear levels. Together with features that include digital back light compensation, provided by Smart Control, and increased video gain with Turbo AGC, Exwave HAD technology enables these cameras to reproduce clear, identifiable pictures in adverse or low light conditions. Together with a high resolution of 480 lines and accurate colour reproduction provided by the ATWpro function, these colour cameras are the ideal choice for many of today's CCTV applications.

With identical performance specifications, the three cameras differ only in their method of powering. The SSC-DC338P operates on AC 220-240 V, the SSC-DC334P on AC 24 V, and the SSC-DC330P on DC 12 V. The SSC-DC330P also features triple multiplexing operation, with power and video/sync signals carried over a single coaxial cable.

The Difference is Exwave HAD

In monitoring and surveillance applications, camera sensitivity is one of the most important factors in obtaining an adequate picture in low light conditions. Low smear levels are also necessary, especially for surveillance of transportation and parking areas where bright vehicle headlights can be a problem. Because of the importance of these two factors, Sony has developed the Exwave HAD technology.

Higher Sensitivity

The sensitivity of these cameras is well over twice that of the current Sony Hyper HAD  surveillance cameras. The conventional Sony Hyper HAD camera has an OCL (On Chip Lens) located over each pixel on the CCD. These concentrate the light on the photo sensor areas and the sensitivity of the camera is improved. The Exwave HAD takes this Hyper HAD technology a giant step further. The OCL of the Exwave HAD camera is a nearly gap-less structure, eliminating the ineffective areas between the micro lenses. This enables the hole accumulation layer to receive the maximum amount of light.

Lower Smear Levels

Smear is caused by the leakage of unwanted light on to the vertical shift register of a CCD. The smear level of the Exwave HAD camera is reduced to 1/50th that of the Hyper HAD camera. This dramatic reduction is function of the new unit cell structure that minimizes the reflection of unwanted light onto the CCD surface.

Excellent picture quality

With a high resolution of 480 TV lines and the excellent sensitivity of 0.8 lx (F1.2, 50 IRE, TURBO AGC ON), these cameras capture high quality images even in the extremely low light situations of night-time surveillance. A further benefit of the Exwave HAD technology is that dark current noise is reduced to provide a very high signal-to-noise ratio of 50 dB.

Advanced Turbo AGC

The SSC-DC330P, SSC-DC334P and SSC-DC338P cameras are equipped with the new Turbo AGC (Auto Gain Control) function. This improves sensitivity more flexibly and effectively than conventional AGC by controlling the video gain over a range increased to 0-24 dB from the 0-18 dB range of previous models. This improvement means that a subject under very low illumination can be distinguished more clearly.

Smart Control - Full Automatic Backlight Compensation (BLC)

Strong back lighting can often cause the subject of the picture to be in shadow. To overcome this problem, these cameras have Smart Control which achieves the optimum balance between Iris and Gain settings in a unified digital signal processing circuit. The result is that clear colour images can be obtained even under severe or varying lighting conditions.

Also Know As:

  • Sony SSC-DC338P
  • Sony SSCDC338P
  • Sony SSC-DC338
  • Sony SSCDC338
  • Sony DC338P
  • Sony DC338

Lens Optional